Missions and More

tony preaching in the park

Tony preaching in MLK Park.

My husband Tony,  is a bi-vocational church planter and we’ve been in the process of planting, All Nations Community Church of St. Helena,  a new church here on St. Helena Island for a number of years. Monday through Friday, 9-5 he works at SC Vocational Rehabilitation of Beaufort, but his heart is ministry all the time.    This work truly has its ups and downs, ins and outs, successes and failures as the work ebbs and flows.  It is tiring and invigorating, frustrating and fulfilling, suspenseful, adventurous, and  rewarding.  The call takes us to people who are often overlooked and forgotten to those who are  prominent, to places that are dangerous and sketchy and to those that are considered safe.  We along with our children have  seen lots of  living conditions, gotten  involved with people in difficult situations, and through Christ we try to rescue the perishing and care for the dying.

Our children work  along with us using their talents to serve and minister on this field.  They have invited friends to come help with large outreaches, family and  friends have given their time and support. Many have stayed with us, eaten in our home, and worked with us.  Through their work with us the gospel of Jesus Christ has been shared, many acts of service performed, classes taught, sermons preached, bibles passed out, songs sung, meals served, clothes passed out, visits made and prayers gone forward on behalf of many.

As this adventure continues and we pray God will use us and those you support us to keep working here.  The fields are truly white unto harvest and we truly do need laborers to come help us.  There is much more work that awaits and many hands are always needed.

Current Ministries include:

Regular Sunday service and weekly Bible study

Co-sponsoring the Good News Club at St. Helena Elementary School

Volunteering in the community at:

  • St. Helena Branch Library (Homework, tutoring center, docent, program assistants etc.)
  • Penn Center (Children’s programs)
  •          Leroy Brown Senior Center (special programs)

Hosting special events in the MLK Jr. Memorial Park:

  • Movies
  • Free meals
  • Easter Program
  • Concerts
  • Worship Services


GED assistance (Assist young adults prepare to take GED exam)

Agriculture ministry (Teach children and teens how to plant and maintain a garden, share from our family garden, offer to till garden plots for families, teach how to care for and raise chickens for eggs and meat)

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