I am blessed to live on the beautiful island of Saint Helena off the coast of Beaufort, S.C. along with my wonderful husband and five fabulous children, several dogs, a cat, chickens and occasionally other animals.  We enjoy the bounty God provides from our land after we plant and from the ocean and creeks after we go fishing, crabbing or shrimping.  Our home serves as our school as well as a place to serve others.


  1. Hello!
    What a gorgeous photo above! I surely hope you have made it throught the recent storm okay!
    I am a retired hs mom of 25 years, and still reach out to what I consider “fellow” homeschoolers. 🙂
    I recently found an amazing bit of history about snow hurricanes that is geared to children and seemed to me a tiimely addition to any homeschool:


    If you like it, please help yourself, no strings attached. Copypaste if you like. And please spread this to your other homeschooling friends. 🙂 thanks!


    • Thank you Katharine, we made it through, we didn’t really get much of the storm here this time. I appreciate the contact with an experienced homeschool mom!


      • Good news! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the history. 🙂


  2. Hi, Palmetto Island Girl! I’m working on a project on Claflin University and would like to know more about Alonzo Gray Townsend. You mention that your Grand Aunt Lee wrote a booklet about him. (2/2011 post) I’m especially interested in the time period from about 1885-1900. Does the booklet cover that time? Is there any way to share that with me? Feel free to email me. Best regards, Peggy


    • Hello Peggy, first my apologies b;c I haven’t been checking on my notifications due to a very busy schedule this Spring. Secondly, after looking at the date I hope you didn’t need this information b4 end of term. I will look into this for you if you still need it.


  3. Hi, Thanks for your reply! This is an ongoing project, so am still very interested. Peggy


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