Posted by: palmettoislandgirl | July 27, 2018

Summer Reading

I’m behind in my posts about our Tell-it-All Thursday times. Two weeks ago we featured the book, In the Garden with Dr. Carver. This historical fiction book for children/juvenile reader, Susan Grisby (author), Nicole Tadgell (illustrator), tells the story of Dr. Carver’s visit to a rural Alabama community to teach the residents about soil health, care of plants, sustainable gardening & farming practices, eatable plants, beneficial insects and more.

For our featured food, I made curry with golden tile fish and Mako shark, squash, bell peppers, dried cranberries, and other seasonings, served over brown basmati rice. The yellow squash came from our farm, Morning Glory Homestead. The fish and shark came from @SeaEagleMarket In the library garden space, we transplanted a small rose bush as the kids did in the book. The rose bush was from a cutting I did a few months ago. The garden spot is looking great and the kid really enjoy our time outside listening to the chimes, refilling the bird waterer and checking on the feeder. Of course, we also sang a few songs to go along with the”Libraries Rock” theme and had a great time together.

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