Posted by: palmettoislandgirl | August 17, 2017

Oh, What a Night!


Last school year, a generous donor gave Action Bibles to all children attending Good News Clubs in the Beaufort area.  All the students in the St. Helena Island GNC received an Action Bible except for two who were not able to continue coming to the end.  I found one student at the school before he got on the bus which left one more.  I was not able to catch up with him throughout the summer.  Tonight at the back to school meet and greet, I took several things with me to represent the Good News Club and pass out  permission forms, among the items I had on the table was the bible for that student.  I didn’t know if I’d see him but I was hopeful.

Within a few minutes of standing at the table, greeting families, the very student I hoped to see walked up with his family member.  I greeted them and asked if he were returning to GNC and his adult family member told me he was signed up for another after school program and would not be returning but they stopped by to say hello.  Then I remembered the Action Bible and handed it to the student.  I informed him that I had it with me in my car all summer hoping I would run into him and be able to give it to him. He is a very bashful boy and looked away with a grin on his face as he held the bible still in its plastic wrapper.  His adult family member thanked me for the bible and told him to say thank you.  He looked down and away again and smiled as he said thank you in just above a whisper, then they walked away and I watched with great joy as they went to the next table.

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As the evening came to an end the lady two tables down came over and asked me about the Action Bible.  I had a copy on the table on display, it was my own copy I bought a few years earlier along with the devotion book that can be purchased separately.  She wanted to know where she could find the bible and I told her where I bought mine, Lifeway Christian Book Store. She went on to tell me that a boy came to her table earlier with an Action Bible.  She said he told her that his teacher from last year saved it for him and gave it to him that night.  She said he told her that with such a big smile on his face and she said to me, “I told him, he must be special”.  I told her, “he is special”.   That was the best moment of the evening,  to know that my former student was filled with happiness about receiving the bible and that I saved it for him all summer.  I can’t say all that he has gone through, but I am so blessed to have had him in GNC last year and to have done something that made him feel happy and special.  Let’s pray that the bible is a special blessing to him this year as he reads it at home.

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