Posted by: palmettoislandgirl | August 11, 2017

STEM on the Farm

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and now Art to make it the acronym STEAM, are subjects in demand in classrooms around our state and nation. We are preparing to extend that information to the farm.  Many schools are exploring how to include a garden on the campus and include it in the curriculum.  For the past several months we have attended workshops and conferences d received training to help schools in our area with their quest to have a garden or maintenance of the one they already have, and provide instruction on our farm for schools, daycares and homeschools who would like to include these lessons for their students.

Our youngest child graduated from our homeschool last year.  We know what it is like to search for places to do lessons that are either out of your zone of expertise or that you don’t have the equipment for.  As volunteers in our local public school system, we know there are experiences schools would like to offer but don’t have the funding or equipment necessary.  

We have the equipment, location and training to present a variety of lessons on our farm that meet the standards required by the state of South Carolina for science. We will also incorporate our political science and history background to include lessons and activities that meet standards for history and civics. You can also expect music, and arts and crafts to be in the programs as well.  

Our farm has chickens, ducks, turkey, honey bees, an orchard, a field for planting, raised beds, a worm bin, compost areas, innoculated and mushroom logs. By mid September, our USDA approved seasonal high tunnel will be up and our drip irrigation system will be completed. We will add more animals soon too so you can learn their life cycle and  how they are cared for; animal husbandry. 

Students can receive instruction about planting seeds, soil health, embryology, seasonal crops, where food comes from, farm machines, and much more.  If you can’t visit us, contact us about our classroom visits and we’ll make plans to visit your school. 

Learn more about our farm and what we’re doing by visiting our website, From there you can see how to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.  

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