Posted by: palmettoislandgirl | October 28, 2016

Our Hurricane Matthew Evacuation

We brought all of our hens and a few roosters with us when we evacuated to Orangeburg.  We put together a makeshift chicken yard for the hens incorporating the crate we brought them in as a part of the fencing.  There is tarp across the top now since a few decided to be escape artists. Two legwork hens flew down from a cypress tree where they roosted. So we have to catch them and put a few back each day.  Some are laying here but not all, they are adjusting to the stress of moving and a new location too.  Tony saw some people we know from St Helena who also are in Orangeburg now. They experienced a great deal of damage to their house and property and all of their chickens died too. There will be a lot of starting over for many in the Lowcountry. We thank God our fellow island neighbors,are alive and well.    #PostHurricaneMatthew #Cleanup.


Taking hens and a few roosters during evacuation.



Taking tractor during evacuation.




Leaving our #Homestead for evacuation


Make shift chicken yard during Hurricane Matthew


Hen finds New place to roost during evacuation

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