Posted by: palmettoislandgirl | June 29, 2015

Welcoming A New Member of the Family

Yesterday God blessed our family with the birth of a new member, Josiah Samuel Jackson.  Josiah is the son of my daughter Candace and son-in-law David Jackson, and brother to Isabel affectionately called Izzy.  About mid-term of the pregnancy Candace and David began to say Josiah, already named, would come early.  Well, wouldn’t you know he did!  While the family was out of town in Greenville so David could participate in a wedding, they were staying with David’s parents in Greer, this was his hometown and where Izzy was born so if anything were to happen they were in familiar territory. Candace began having contractions that were stronger than the Braxton Hicks contractions she’d had for a week or so already.  At first the goal was to return to Orangeburg to be under the care of their OG-GYN but the contractions were getting harder.  They went to the hospital twice and were sent back twice and that is of course a frustrating ordeal. Not wanting to get caught on I26 returning to Orangeburg when the time came to deliver, they decided to stay put in Greenville. So the walking and waiting continued.  I remember well having been sent home on a number of occasions during my five pregnancies.  

Well, the saying, third times a charm, was true for them, they decided to hang around and walk and help the contractions to increase rather than head back to the house.  It worked.  They returned to the hospital to find that Candace went from four to six centimeters dialated so they kept her and prepped her for an epidural.  We received this news around 9:30 Saturday night.  David kept us informed with texts.  Around 5:20 am we received news that Candace was fully dilated and ready to begin pushing.  At 5:40 am the text read “look who’s here!” Accompanied by a photo of Josiah!  

As decided Saturday night along with David, Tony and I were to stop in Orangeburg in route to Greenville to pick up the newborn items they needed in Greenville.  It took about two hours after we arrived in Orangburg for the person with the key to meet us at the house but it all worked out.  We gathered the items and continued out drive to Greenville.  Upon our arrival at the Greenville Memorial Hospital, in the Greenville Hospital System, we joined the fray of family already there, David’s parents, David and Gloria, his nephew RJ, our daughter Meagan, and Izzy.  We were later joined by David’s sister Daniella, and our son Byron.  As you can imagine the room was crammed but we managed to position ourselves so we wouldn’t be in the way of the staff or Candace when she wanted to move from the bed to the chair with Josiah.  

We had a wonderful time of reminiscing the births of our children, comparing birthing and baby things available then and now, birthing trends and funny stories.  We celebrated what God had done for He alone is worthy of praise!  He kept Candace and Josiah safe and healthy throughout the pregnancy, provided a safe haven even when out of town for the birth, and regulated the conditions during delivery so all was well.  We are indeed thankful.  

Congratulations David and Candace and big sister Izzy!  Welcome Josiah Samuel Jackson, we are glad to know you and look forward to spending lots of time with you!  

 candace and Josiah, mother and son.  


David introducing Izzy to Josiah.

 Candace, David and Josiah minutes after his birth. 

 Grandpa Tony holding Josiah.  


Me, Oma, holding and marveling at my new grandson! 

The blanket and hat I crocheted for Josiah.  


  1. Congratulations !!!!! ❤ ❤ Wishing you and your family all the best !!


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