Posted by: palmettoislandgirl | January 15, 2015

My Poetic Response


My poetic response to our poet laureate being omitted from the Governor’s Inauguration ceremony.  When we began watching the ceremony today for school, it had already begun and I wasn’t aware that the poem was omitted until later this evening.  I do not claim great poetic ability but a mere love of the art form and offer this as a response to the decision not to include our state’s own poet laureate, Marjory Wentworth in the ceremony as was expected.

Obviously Missing, by Belinda Jones (Palmettoislandgirl)
Did she think we wouldn’t notice, did she think we wouldn’t care
Our state poet laureate wasn’t there to share
Her words of careful expression, with deep interpretation of our past and present state of affairs?

A rhythmic description of our history and culture, our living and dying
Economic conditions, racial injustices, successes and failures,
Here banners of heritage overshadow our state, waving freely and still encourage division and debate.
Words of truth and courage were penned to declare with our citizenry and dignitaries there
To witness electorates take solemn oath of allegiance to those of one river one boat!

But Governor we noticed and it’s obvious we do care that our state poet laureate wasn’t there to share
We acknowledge the power, wisdom and depth of her work, held dearly by citizens who know she would not shirk, but was clearly punished, censored, and banned
The honor and duty her office commands were expressed by the lyrical words that she wrote
To inspire and offer, information and hope to those of us of one river and one boat!

For S.C.’s Poet Laureate, An Inauguration Poem Without An Inaugural Audience



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