Posted by: palmettoislandgirl | January 2, 2015

All in a Day’s Work


We began the new year doing much-needed chores.  There were bushes and trees in need of pruning, flower beds that still needed cleaning, areas in need of raking, and so on.  The day was bright and beautiful, and invited us to come out and enjoy it while accomplishing chores.   The chickens, guinea and turkey not to mention the dogs and cat, seemed to enjoy our presence all the more today as we worked around them.  The chickens scratched and pecked as we raked and moved plants, dead grasses and pulled weeds that caused insects and all sort of bugs to move and scurry about.  They followed our movement and found spiders, grasshoppers, seeds, and grubs

Friendly, free-ranging fowl.

Friendly, free-ranging fowl.


Buff Orpington pullet in forefront.

While pulling dead plants from a flower bed two little pullets std nearby enjoying a sunny day out of the coop.  Our new and first ever domesticated turkey, now named Duke, strutted around his new surroundings, calling and listening for calls of any turkeys that might be able to hear him.  Today he wandered quite a distance calling and listening, he is quite the adventurer.

By the time dusk moved in we were ready to go in but a couple of pullets couldn’t quite find their way back in their coop.  One young Buff Orpington pullet was still out after the others were    in at least thirty minutes. We were quite exhausted after getting her inside.  Tomorrow will bring a few more chores and a certainly a few more stories.   Thank God for work that keeps us busy with productive things to do and doesn’t leave us idle.  Thank God for work that can even be done in such a way as to give Him glory and honor.

It is exciting to be a small, family owned and operated homestead that practices sustainable agriculture methods to raise healthy crops and animals. May we always be a place ‘Where Faith, Family and Farming Flourish’!

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