Posted by: palmettoislandgirl | February 18, 2014

Teaching Black History

Today there are many resources available to us to assist us as we home educate our children.  This film offers us a wonderful inside look, a personal look at the perspective of a native Mississippian who examined her perspective of race relations during her childhood and teen years. I am grateful to Myra Ottewell for even considering the making of this film.  I admire her courage to examine her family and her upbringing during the turmoil of the 1950’s and 1960’s and to determine they participated in racists activities.  Certainly watching these kinds of films and discussing the information presented can be painful but it is needed for us to see what our problems were, see the racial ideology of our nation during that time and the actions that were implemented to change and end the years of hatred that existed.  This is a subject that should not be omitted from our homeschool curriculum.  When we teach history, social studies, government, and other related subjects, I believe it is our duty as teaching parents to ensure our children receive instruction that reveals the racial and moral sickness that existed in our nation.

As Christian home educators we have an even greater obligation I feel to compare the teachings of the Bible and within context examine what our reaction to racism and hatred should be.  It would be remiss in my thinking for us avoid this subject.  We have the opportunity to prepare our children to be true ambassadors of Christ and to proclaim a greater message even than racial equality and racial justice but that message of reconciliation with God.  When one is reconciled with God through the gospel message and surrender to Jesus as Savior, one is a new person, a new creation that is coupled with a transformation of the mind.  This transformation compels us to go to the Samarias of our day and break racial, ethnic and cultural bonds in order to share the compassionate message of the gospel and equality through Christ to those who will hear.
The marches, boycotts, sit-ins and other acts of rebellion were powerful tools that opened the eyes of the general public, exposed the sin of our nation and offered a method of change.  But through Christ and the gospel we have the greatest method to not only expose the sin of our nation, but it offers the answer to overcoming this problem and condition; it offers healing, forgiveness, hope and so much more.  Jesus and the gospel need to be a included in our efforts to continue to reach greater levels of racial harmony.  Jesus shows us how this is accomplished through our trust in Him for attaining this goal through the gospel we not only have civil rights, equality, justice but we have grace, mercy and a new spiritual family. If we have racial equality, civil rights, justice and equality but still die without a personal relationship with God through the Lord Jesus then have limited reconciliation that does not extend beyond our fellow human beings.  You have peace with man and no peace with God. So then we have a great responsibility to teach the greatest message to our children and give them to tools to present it to others for in it is the true message of freedom and peace.
Please watch the trailer and hopefully the entire film.  There are also guides for the classroom available.

Mississippi ReMixed tells the personal story of Canadian, Myra Ottewell, who returns to her birthplace in Jackson, Mississippi determined to celebrate the great racial transformations in the state since the 1960s, but discovers that understanding race relations is far more complicated than she bargained for. Mixed with rarely seen archival footage, the controversial documentary explores the state of race relations today, celebrates the transformations occurring, and exposes the struggles and successes Mississippi is having with integration today.

Mississippi ReMixed is a documentary about the current state of race relations in Mississippi.

Thank you Myra Ottewell!

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