Posted by: palmettoislandgirl | January 3, 2014

Day 2 of Bible Reading

Day 2 of Bible Reading

I read it on day two but forgot to post it so here it is a tad bit late.  I love being reminded of how life on earth began.  Genesis is the book of beginnings.  It is the historical account of the beginning of space, our atmosphere, gases, the earth, water systems, land, plant life, the solar system, seasons, time, animals and finally humankind. The first operation, complete with anesthesia.  What an exciting book!  Does it take faith to believe the creation account?  Yes, and I thank God for it.  It takes more faith to believe other accounts for the beginning of our world.  

In chapter three we see the deception of Eve and Adam, the first sin and the fall of mankind.  The curses are announced and the world changes. God the designer of clothing, the cover of our sin.   The Redeemer is foretold, and the promise of a Deliverer proclaimed.  Praise God for making a way for us to be redeemed and forgiven, delivered from the kingdom of darkness and transformed in to the kingdom of His beloved Son.  Wow…totally Awesome!!! That’s a wonderful truth I love being reminded of!!! It’s time for the reading for day three and I’m still excited the days one and two.  It just keeps getting better.  Chapter four tells of the new additions to the family, a lesson on worship, the right attitude, the importance of repentance, results of pride and disobedience; the first murder, justice and mercy.  Grace and refuge.  Cities and tools, instruments and weapons, governments and more.  Genesis is exciting!   

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