Posted by: palmettoislandgirl | November 21, 2013

Tea Time








My children gave me this area pot with matching cup combo a few years ago.  I enjoy using it now and then and allowing tea drinking  guests to use it too. 

This morning I felt like a cup of tea before beginning the school day.  The tea caused me to think of my grandmother Gladys Glover who enjoyed hot tea over coffee. My brother and I walked to her house after school and often there were baked goods like gingerbread, a jelly cake or some cookies on the table when we arrived.  We would be offered an after school snack and milk, Grandmomma would have her snack with tea.


Gladys Fulton Glover

Tea is a very popular southern beverage, especially South Carolina. There were tea plantations throughout the Lowcountry of SC, now there is but one.  The only remaining tea plantation in the United States is in Charleston, my grandmother’s birthplace, The tea is very popular and most times that I attempt to purchase a box at the gift shop in the York W. Bailey Museum on the Penn Center Campus, they are usually sold out.  I may have to order a box from the tea plantation website.  Here’s to having a good cup of tea!


  1. Tea is my fuel – all day. The tea time with your grandmother sounds nice. What a lovely memory.


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