Posted by: palmettoislandgirl | October 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy!


dad mom and me at beachI thank God that I can still visit both of my dear parents.  Today I honor my father as he celebrates another year of life!  Happy Birthday to my father, Rudolph (Rudy) Glover, Sr.  Thank you dad for your instruction, I have gained much and am grateful for your continued wisdom and precepts. Thank you for also sharing these with your grandchildren and now your great granddaughter. We are blessed to have you still here! “Hear, O sons, a father’s instruction, and be attentive, that you may gain insight, for I give you good precepts; do not forsake my teaching”. Proverbs 4:1 ESV
My daddy was born October 23, 1932 in Orangeburg, South Carolina.  His mother was Gladys May Fulton Glover, his father Herman WInford Glover, Sr.  Dad is the third child of five; the one in the middle.  I’ve listened to him tell stories of his childhood and young adult years.  Dad was certainly an adventurous lad and young man.  In our eyes, and from his stories he was a mix of Dennis the Menace, and Superman.  He was the best newspaper boy in all Orangeburg.  He was the most accurate marble player, sling shot shooter, athlete and trombone player in the New Brooklyn community.  Dad got in the most mischief, caught the most fish, sold the most okra.  He was close to his cousins Marion and Teddy Jamison, they were nearly inseparable.  He went to college though his years were interrupted by the draft for the Korean War.  He went on to serve his and then to complete college and marry my lovely mother, the love of his life.
Dad’s stories give us great insight into his early years.  My brother and I gained so much from the experience and wisdom dad gained from his time growing up under the direction of his parents and grandmothers.  We are all the better for the talks around the kitchen table, during rides in the country, playing tennis together, discussions about politics and religion and life in general.  Thanks dad for all the sharing.  It is such a blessing to continue to enjoy my dad’s company.

Rudolph R. Glover Sr Color headshot

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