Posted by: palmettoislandgirl | April 11, 2013

Homestead Life

tony planting

Every season brings with it different jobs on a homestead

that need to be done before you get that new book read

plowing and tilling, seed packets spilling contents into fertile ground

and you trust that new growth will soon abound

with a bounty of vegetables and fruit after their kind

to bring nourishment and satisfaction sublime

to the home of the family who toiled in the field

now enjoying the fruit of their labor, the yield

the harvest extends from  homestead to community

to customers who prefer produce grown with sustainability

the coops are remodeled, new fencing gets done

rabbit hutch built, new chicks are hatching that’s just half of the fun

flower beds need planting, there’s mowing to do

mulching and composting are on the list too

the work just continues, it’s never completed

but the benefits of homesteading cannot be defeated

it’s our way  of life wouldn’t trade or evade

we relish its rewards of husbandry, soil and the spade

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