Posted by: palmettoislandgirl | April 11, 2013



The family grows, it continues and flows from one generation into another, who knows
how much longer we have to make additions, repeat renditions of genetic codes and DNA
two became one, that’s how it begun
he left father and mother, to be joined to his wife;
and they shall become one flesh, for as long as they have life
from her womb fruit came forth, children, a blessing, reward
to be brought up and nurtured in the Light of his Word
as the cycle continues the blessing will flow
children, grandchildren, great –grandchildren follow
as fore parents leave legacies, heritage on family trees
branches bear more fruit and the linage succeeds
in the quest to leave godly offspring
generations who know and honor God
who seek where the good way is, that our ancestors trod
we instruct them and show the way they should go
pray for endurance, for they will lead others by the light they must show
an ancestor is not only of flesh and of blood
but also of the Spirit born again from above
so the footprints we leave for the ones left behind
may lead them to believe ‘cause we let our light shine
passing the torch from one hand to another
so they may be in the family a sister or brother


  1. Wow, what a awesome poem! Thank you for posting it in honor of Josiah!


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