Posted by: palmettoislandgirl | April 2, 2013

Weekly Writing Challenge: Iconic

Weekly Writing Challenge: Iconic

I thought I’d finally give the writing challenge a try and did so with a poem since it’s National Poetry Month.

Country Roads, Country Stores

Beginning a journey, with destination in mind
a route selected, to help me get there on time
Navigate from the house into the city, the traffic and sprawl
concrete buildings, one more ugly strip mall.
Finally reaching the outskirts of town
I’m offered a choice of the road to drive down
Instantly without question, I choose the back roads
the two lane path, winding through small communities
riding by homes and yards, small country stores, farms and stands
where people gladly offer a friendly waving hand.
Stop at the store for a break and a snack, theres a
mixture of modern things and older that cause you
to remember way back.
Sodas in glass bottles with tops that don’t twist
so I reach for the opener attached to the side of
the chest shaped soda refrigerator.
The peanuts are from the farms nearby, roasted
or boiled I can’t help but buy.
Old tin signs from back in the day
ads for Royal Crown Cola on the wall
as I pay. There’s talk of the weather
the cost of feed and seed, local events
and if you found all you need.
Folks think they might know me ’cause
‘you sure look familiar’
but it really doesn’t matter
they’re just happy to see ya.
Where’re you from or headed
thanks for stopping in,
hope you get there safely
come back when you can.
Back on the road I’m so glad
I chose the back way
where the stops are much
friendlier than the the gas stores off the
interstate highway.

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