Posted by: palmettoislandgirl | March 14, 2013

Spring Homestead Duties

It’s really busy here as we are in the middle of caring for new baby chicks or biddies as they are commonly known, incubating eggs and caring for our regular flocks of chickens and guineas, our rabbits, cats, and dogs.  We have eleven new Ameraucanas chicks known for laying eggs with pastel colored shells.   Our other chickens are Buff Orpingtons, Black Sex Links, Dominiques, meat chickens, and a few other breeds as well. 

Today we moved the meat chickens into a special section to prepare for culling.  Our cage was repaired and the Ameraucana chicks were moved from a small brooder to the cage where they have more space.  One of the female rabbits gave birth three weeks ago so there are now new bunnies.  Five Buff Orpington hens and one rooster were allowed to spend time together to produce some fertilized eggs and we hoped the hens would become broody and want to sit on the eggs but they did not.  Twenty seven eggs were placed in an incubator and in twenty one days we will see if any eggs hatch. 

Some tilling of our field has been done and seeds started in containers.  We are looking forward to planting and a very productive crop this year.  Our flower beds need some tending and fertilizing so we can plant flower seeds.  We usually have beautiful flowers around the property and hope to double them variety this year. 


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