Posted by: palmettoislandgirl | March 14, 2013

It was More than Crochet…It was Love!

My first born daughter Candace and her husband David are expecting their first child next month which of course means I’m awaitng the birth of my first grandchild.  They have been told to expect a daughter and so the name Isabel has been chosen.  Last Saturday a baby shower was hotsed for Candace and baby isabel.  I was determined to present her with a blanket crocheted by me as a keepsake gift for Isabel.

I was taught to crochet as a girl by my grandmother Gladys Glover.  Everyday after school my brother and I walked to my grandparents’ house where we were cared for until our parents picked us up after they got off work.  We did many things with my grandparents, started homework, ate a great snack like homemade gingerbread, oatmeal raisin cookies and other things grandmomma made.  We practiced handwriting, read aloud, played outside and sometimes at the park or with neighbors.  My grandmother crocheted as a hobby that was also a way for her to earn a little extra money though most of her projects were given to others as gifts.  Many people in my grandmother’s neighborhood were recipients of her hats, scarves, starched centerpieces and more.  Of all the handcraft skills my grandmother possessed, crocheting was her favorite. She had magazines and patterns and knew many of them from memory.  She added her own twist to many projects and they were coveted by many people.

One of the many gifts my grandmother gave me was the time she spent teaching me to crochet.  I sat by her in her livingroom with crochet needle or hook if you prefer, in hand learning the basics.  It began with how to hold a needle, how to make a slip knot, how to hold the yarn and needle and the coordination of both hand working together to begin a chain stitch.  I made many chains before my stictches were consistanly the same size and  I had control of the needle and yarn.  I learned how to release the right amount of yarn and keep it taunt enought to work with before learning to single crochet, then double and triple crochet.  I made squares and then moved up to working on a hat.

Throughout my elementary and most of my middle school years my grandparents’ were my afterschool caretakers; those were wonderful days.  I can share more about other things my brother and I did with my grandparents another time.  As were began to play tennis on school teams, we walked home to change and walk or ride our bikes to practice but those loving times with our grandparents were not forgotten.  I didn’t crochet as much, acutally I crocheted less and less but never forgot how.  I still had an interest but other things seemed to take priority.

I tried about ten years ago to make a blanket but never finished. It wasn’t until about three years ago that I determined to rediscover those skills.  I wanted to teach my youngest daughter how to crochet so I bought needles and yarn, read patterns on the internet and after she was ready we began making dishcloths.  I continued refamiliarizing myself with crochet and tried larger projects; hats became my passion.  Now I’m furthering my skills and venturing into even larger projects to include a “V” stitch baby blanket and now the granny square baby blanket for Isabel is the largest project. I think I’m beginning to understan the enjoyment of crochet that my grandmother had and the gratification of seeing the completed project and giving as a gift.

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