Posted by: palmettoislandgirl | June 7, 2011

Keepers of the Faith, Summer Reading Contest

If you are looking for a summer reading program to participate in, try Keepers of the Faith. KOF is a great ministry organization that offers an alternative to scouting programs. Keepers of the Faith Clubs stress Christian attitudes and habits while teaching a wide array of practical skills—skills that are often critical for children who will develop into complete and competent adults. This program will teach and inspire children toward fulfilling God’s plan for them.

Keepers of the Faith just announced their new summer reading contest; take a look!

New Summer Reading Contest!

We are pleased to announce our second Summer Reading Contest!
Contest Details: To enter the contest, simply choose any KOF book from our KOF reading categories, and write a review of the book answering the question, “How did this book change my life?” Not every book causes a major shift in one’s life, but every good book can teach some lesson or impact us for the better. And sometimes the truths portrayed in a story allow us to see “living for Christ” in a new light. We want to hear how these books have impacted you or your family!
Each submission should be 200 words or less. Please send in your submissions via email to In the subject line put “Reading Contest.” Include your name, age, address, and phone or email (if different than the sending email). You may send in submissions for multiple books to increase your chances of winning. Your review may appear on our website!
Contest Period: The contest will run from June 15th until September 1st. Winners will be chosen after September 1st.
Contest Prizes: There will be four levels to the contest based upon age, and three winners per level. Prizes will be in the form of credits to the customer account, which can then be used to purchase any of our products.
Level 1: Ages 6 to 8
Level 2: Ages 9 to 12
Level 3: 13 to 18
Level 4: Adult
First Place: $25
Second Place: $15
Third Place: $10

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